Ross Harper Unveils, ‘The Dark Album Remixes Vol 2’

ross harper the dark album remixes vol. 2

First up, joeFarr with recent releases on Hydraulix, Soma and Rebekah’s ‘Elements’ label.

He said of the original Zeitgeber, “The main lead is just perfect. As soon as I heard it I knew what to do with it. It has this early Daft Punk swagger to it which had me hooked”. Harper goes on, “the original hook was created in a homemade soft synth I built in Reaktor by Native Instruments. The idea was to create a synthesiser whereby it was possible to actually draw music, this took some pretty complex maths combined with an ear for musicality”.

The result of combining Harper’s intense and memorable hook with joe Farr’s super hard industrial strength techno beats is a Zeitgeber monster machine.

Saint Petersburg based NOCOW also lends his hand to a Zeitgeber remix. NOCOW takes the hypnotic vibe of the original and capitalises on it using some ”call and response” jumbled, muffled vocal lines, the result is gripping and entrancing.

NOCOW is no stranger to releasing underground music, with a 10 year music career he‘s produced more than 20 releases for different labels, such as Figure, BPitch, Turbo, Rekids, Clone, Gost Zvuk, Roots United, Ethereal Sound, Styrax, Fauxpas Musik.

The original of Hard Patience in many ways is even more complex than Zeitgeber, with Harper employing a system of producing a vast collections of 1 bar loops from the very cool ElasticDrums and feeding them into a host of samplers for them all to then be sequenced in a jigsaw type way.

It is within this complex setting that BPitch mainstay, and great ambassador for the Colombian electronic music scene, Gotshell strips Hard Patience right back to create a droning deep techno ambient vibe with some gentle percussive swells.

The beauty of this simplicity is a result that holds the listener within the soft rocking motion of the kick, bass and warm sea like energy in the discordant symphonies. Gotshell is known for his releases on labels such as Planet Rhythm, MORD, Illegal Alien Records, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Epm music, Blueprint and Symbolism as well as on Carl Cox Intec under his alias Alessan Main.

Finally, what Mar io has done with Zeitgeber is actually incredible. He has taken the fundamental structure, the bass, the hook, the stabs, and built on each of them emphatically, also restructuring the beats with something slightly more solid and complex, yet still with the beauty, simplicity and power of the original.

Mar io, in his own words, “from the first time I heard the original track it was clear that it was an unique kind of techno, thrilling and energetic like in the early days”. It is with this essence of the ‘early days’ that the Zeitgeber remix by Mar io really revels, it is everything real music should be, epic, deep, warm, wide, powerful, classic, timeless, excessive and self-absorbed. Mar io is a German producer, based in Marburg, his sound can be found on labels such as Form&Terra, Digital Diamonds, BluFin, Broque, Harthouse and Evosonic.


1. Zeitgeber (joeFarr Remix)
2. Hard Patience (Gotshell Remix)
3. Zeitgeber (NOCOW Remix)
4. Zeitgeber (Mar io Remix)


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