ROSSY Unveils New Single, ‘DEITY’

rossy deity

The celestial trap producer ROSSY returns to HARD Recs with her follow-up single “DEITY,” the second offering taken from her forthcoming ‘Heavens Door’ EP.

A little more than one month ago, the veritable angel of festival trap blessed the HARD catalog with her debut appearance. “KARMA” was a sign from above, manifesting itself on the meaningful angelic number date 11/11, symbolizing synchronicity in the pursuit of new opportunities for growth and connection with one’s inner self.

She linked up with Toronto’s boundary-pushing rapper Jazz Cartier to bring the track’s karmic theme to life, using his vocal finesse to make a triumphant statement about being fearless in the face of adversity. Her label debut struck the optimal balance between bravery, melody, and dancefloor energy, and ROSSY is now placing the emphasis entirely on the latter with her next single.

“DEITY” is divine in every sense of the word. Taking festival trap into a holy place, its cinematic intro builds around staccato xylophone hits, swelling pads, choir vocalizations, suspense-driving drumlines, and a supernatural melodic lead. The guttural vocal refrain “I like it like that” fills out the lowest part of the register in tandem with cavernous horn phrases, as those royal elements pave the way for an epic cacophony of squawking synth stabs that feel too perfect to be man-made.

Explaining the meaning behind her new single, ROSSY says: “I love getting new IDs from my friends to play out and really wanted to make something with that live energy that my friends would be excited to play, too! When I needed to come up with a final name for it, I was thinking that it’s such a huge trap banger, almost as though it towers over the other songs on my EP, so I was like, maybe this song is the trap deity in my EP!”

The single has served its highest purpose already. ROSSY brought the house down when she previewed “DEITY” during her back-to-back headline shows at the Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles last week, both of which sold out in the blink of an eye.

This personal milestone is as a testament to her astronomical rise in the trap music realm of late, following her supporting dates throughout the year for heavy-hitters from the likes of RL Grime, Illenium, Mersiv, TroyBoi, and GRiZ, as well as a string of festival stops including HARD Summer Music Festival, Beyond Wonderland: The Gorge, and Moonrise Festival in Baltimore.

Looking forward to 2023, ROSSY is slated to touch down at Red Rocks for her first-ever appearance at the iconic venue in Colorado, taking place in the wake of her hotly-anticipated debut EP.

ROSSY is one step closer to taking fans to the promised land with her imminent body of work, and “DEITY” takes its reign as a marvelous trap banger worthy of being exalted.

ROSSY’s new single “DEITY” is on all platforms via HARD Recs.


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