Sabai And Madalen Duke Team Up For Beautiful Future Bass Single “Love For You”

sabai love for you

Following a string of successful singles and epic live performances in 2021, Vancouver’s melodic bass tastemaker Sabai returned to Monstercat today accompanied by singer-songwriter Madalen Duke for their uplifting new single, “Love For You.”

With its atmospheric pads, emotional vocals, and powerful chord stacks, the track shines a light on Sabai’s ability to weave deeply personal narratives into his music. The lyricism in “Love For You” is dedicated to those who were hurt by the ones they loved and trusted the most.

Sabai shares, “We grow and learn a lot but especially from a relationship that didn’t work out.”

Madalen Duke adds, “I was so excited to be a vocalist on “Love For You” – as soon as I heard the song I really connected with the message and the overall writing. I think it’s a very relatable concept and I was hyped to be on the song! The takeaway for me is that even in a breakup, we learn a lot about ourselves, and this growth gives us resilience and hope for future relationships. I really loved the sonics Gene and Cody created through their production as well!”


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