Saka Unveils New Single, ‘Shaolin’

saka shaolin

Saka comes flying in with his new single “Shaolin,” the second cut pulled from his forthcoming EP on NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations imprint.

A little over a month ago, the Hong Kong-raised leftfield producer announced the next chapter of his page-turning saga with the lead single from an EP he revealed would take the name of ‘Anti-Hero.’ The title alone was enough to spark up uncontrollable excitement, given his track record for creating mind-altering audiovisual journeys through his conceptual multi-track releases.
“Masamune” played its part in helping set the stage, taking its namesake from the Japanese term for a Medieval swordsmith. Forged in the flames of Saka’s entrancing freeform style, the razor-sharp single was as engulfing an introduction as anyone could have ever imagined.

The subsequent piece is now following into place, as his next offering emerges from the hidden temple in preparation for the road ahead. “Shaolin” is a masterfully crafted chunk of experimental bass, with lethal moves that make kung fu seem like child’s play. Opening with glorious gong samples and a heated exchange of words leading to a white-knuckling fight scene, the cinematic intro quickly gives way to a head-spinning arrangement of cavernous atmospherics, robust bass plucks, piercing synth squabbles, sword-clashing tones and what feels like an ancient martial arts groove handed down from a long lineage of battle-hardened monks

With two obscenely immersive singles currently shaping our perception of Saka’s next EP, the final product is, without question, going to roundhouse kick listeners into a whole new dimension.

Saka’s new single ‘Shaolin” is available everywhere via Gud Vibrations.


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