World-Renowned Electric Dance Music Titan Sander Van Doorn Transitions Iconic Weekly ‘Identity’ Radio Show Program To New Format After 17 Years

sander van doorn identity

Trailblazing pioneer Sander van Doorn will be moving on from the weekly format of his monumentally successful radio program ‘Identity’ at the tail end of this month.

After celebrating its 17-year anniversary earlier this May, the established musician has decided to transition the acclaimed program by continuing it in a different way altogether.

The distinguished electronic dance music stalwart is set to continue ‘Identity’, but in another form that pivots from its former weekly basis, and instead places more of a central focus on special occurrences and events.

With a newly-cemented goal in mind to concentrate more on his own original productions and quality releases via his very-own Doorn Records imprint, Sander sets his sights on the bright future of his career.

Over the course of the last seventeen years, Sander’s ‘Identity’ radio program has seen the venerated creative force showcase both up-and-coming and established talent’s work week-in and week-out.

Some of the biggest names in EDM were highlighted on the show, furthering Doorn’s staunch passion for the genre and solidifying ‘Identity’ as a highly-regarded central hub for international recognition.

Fans and listeners alike tuned in consistently to check out some of Sander’s favorite tracks, as well as upcoming releases. Guest mixes were regular occurrences, as well, with some of the biggest names in the industry taking part.


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