Purple Haze Drops Ethereal New Progressive Offering ‘Recover’

sander van doorn recover

Sander van Doorn is back as Purple Haze with yet another hard-hitting endeavor in the form of ‘Recover’.

The latest to come from Doorn’s moniker directly follows up ‘Faces’ from this August, in addition to a slew of 2020 releases such as ‘Flanging’, ‘Strangers Thing’, ‘Rosy’, ‘The Purpose’, and ‘The King’s Court’.

It also follows up Sander van Doorn and Armin van Buuren’s collaborative knockout ‘Jonson’s Play’ from mid-June of this year. Out now via Armind, ‘Recover’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

The cinematic track immediately kicks off with a hushed vocal cut, audibly adding an entrancing element to the wholly enticing opus. A plethora of synths are introduced into the space, lulling the listener with each passing second as the tension steadily rises.

The hefty bassline kicks in a few minutes into the tune, providing it with a four-on-the-floor ambiance that’s maintained with ease throughout the entirety of its runtime. The monumentally anthemic offering slows down its pace about halfway, and re-introduces the hypnotizing monologue from its beginning.

The forcible bass drop ensues, and is rife with an infectious energy unlike anything else. The heady touch present from start-to-finish is also perfectly paired with the high-octane flair one can hear via the production elements courtesy of Doorn. In all, the second Purple Haze release of 2021, ‘Recover’, is a prime addition to the powerhouse’s back-catalog.


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