Sander Wilder Releases Unforgettable April Episodes Of, ‘Global Feelings’

sander wilder global feelings april 2024

Sander Wilder’s ‘Global Feelings’ delivered another captivating selection of music for April on the show; as the episode unleashed Progressive House sounds, bringing Melodic House energy through pounding beats and anthemic-sounding productions, Sander Wilder’s familiarity and unique perspective on Electronic Music no doubt remained clear.

Listen to ‘Global Feelings’ here:

The depth of Sander Wilder’s knowledge when it comes to the genre continues to support his creation of powerful mixes, resulting in engaging sonic experiences that leave fans hooked to his show and further cement his status as a promising talent on the scene today.

Through April’s episode, Sander Wilder offered listeners a glimpse into the enthralling vibes of his sonic world, presenting creative originality through his track listings. With music from evolving Artists, such as Bruno Andrada and Deltium, Sander Wilder used his platform to bring attention to his recent discoveries, an opportunity he often takes when constructing his monthly episodes. As he approaches his mixing from his own unique perspective, Sander Wilder showcases both his tastes and musical abilities, designing engaging sonic journeys for listeners to enjoy: continually varied in the music Sander Wilder chooses to put forward, last month balancing the featuring of emerging Artists with well-known tracks like ‘Nothing Ever Changes’ by Vintage Culture and MAGNUS, ‘Global Feelings’ appears as a refreshing destination for genre enthusiasts to celebrate Electronic Music and delve deep to uncover the next innovative creators on the scene.

Within episodes, Sander Wilder frequently presents work from his own catalogue, bringing his signature production sound to the airwaves. Last month proved no different as Sander Wilder introduced two of his singles: his recent Progressive House production ‘Infinite Hourglass’ and his March release, ‘Timewarp’. As he continues to bring attention to the energy and enthralling sound that runs throughout his discography, Sander Wilder ensures that his music expands its reach, enabling his sound to resonate with listeners around the globe. A skilled Producer and DJ, thoughtful and considered in his mix creation, Sander Wilder once again highlighted the potential of his sound, talents, and creativity through April’s episode of ‘Global Feelings’, delivering yet another impactful selection of music to energise and impress his listeners.

So, no doubt sure to keep elevating the intense vibes of his show, remember to listen to May’s episode of ‘Global Feelings’ and be sure to stay up to date with Sander Wilder himself by following him across social media.


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