Satl Tells Us His Top Spotify Playlist Tracks

SATL drum n bass spotify playlist

Satl has already carved himself into the repertoire of drum & bass, something which can be seen through a succession of releases which have helped push him as a part of its more soulful trenches.

His maturity and musical approach shine through each one of his offerings, with his relative newness only helping to propel his success, coming from relative obscurity to become an important part of any drum & bass playlist. Having already released on the likes of Integral, The North Quarter, Shogun Audio and Fokuz, this time he makes his presence felt within the discography of SUNANDBASS Recordings.

Well-known for its annual festival on the Island of Sardinia in Italy, SUNANDBASS is one of the most hotly tipped events throughout the dance music scene and just one look at both their line ups and scenic venues proves exactly why that is. Satl is a frequent traveler and performer at their events, also taking pride of place within their SUNANDBASS tour parties, enabling him to debut his music across their wide-ranging fan base. For him to release an EP on their imprint comes as little surprise, with the producer already deeply involved with the SUNANDBASS family.

With the ‘Bravehearts’ EP dropping last week, we caught up with Satl about which tracks he’d be adding to his Spotify playlist this month.

1. Satl feat. Dan Steezo – Bravehearts

Feedback and response for this release have been overwhelming. I kept it unreleased for a while but it’s so good to have it out so everyone can enjoy it.

2. Kusp – Shook

This track has been a favourite tune for months already. I just drop it in the middle of a set when no one expects such a switch of the scenario and I like just watching the crowd go crazy.

3. Mohican Sun – Darkest Hour

It’s the perfect blend of uplifting yet still sublime pieces of work. Whoever Mohican Sun is – he/she/they are hitting the sweet spot for me.

4. Satl – Everything Anything

This track has done so many good things for me as a producer that I just must include it in here. I’ll probably never get tired of it.

5. Lenzman – Pictures of You feat. DRS

One of my favourite producers returns with an amazing body of work with his latest ‘Bobby’ LP. Too many good tracks to pick a favourite but this one is up there.

6. Ill Truth – Rule of Three

This Bristol duo is setting the bar high with this one. I’ve been a fan of their music since the beginning and they never fail to impress!

7. Anile – Forever Last Out

Everything that comes out on The North Quarter is pure quality. It’s great to see some new music from Anile and I’m looking forward to more!

8. Marcus Intalex – Step Forward

RIP to the master, he’s one of the greatest to ever do it. No words needed at all for this one!

9. Calibre – Dark Paths

You can’t go wrong with any amount of Calibre tracks in your set. The quality is of the highest standards and this one hits it right in the centre!

10. Artificial Intelligence – Boxed In

I love the energy of this track. It has a modern vibe with futuristic sounds.

Hannah Helbert


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