Indian Producers Scarr. And Finding Mero Pour Passion Into Downtempo EP ‘This Feeling That Never Ends’

scarr. this feeling that never ends

Burgeoning Indian artists Scarr. and Finding Mero reunited today on Monstercat with their delicate lofi EP, ‘this feeling that never ends.’

Following last year’s ‘Thinking ‘Bout You’ EP, the duo set out to expand their atmospheric stylings on the new three-track package. The title track transports listeners into a soothing headspace with cathartic percussion, soothing pads, and floating vocals. “i can feel your eyes on me” and “it’s not easy when you’re alone” follow with smooth instrumentals and tranquil beats, enhancing a sense of relaxation and self-discovery. The serenely introspective elements on the EP display the powerful musical prowess from both artists as their careers soar on an upward trajectory in the chill out realm.

Scarr. shares, “‘this feeling that never ends’ is a very special collection of songs, especially to me, as it’s an extension to my thought of combining lo-fi with downtempo, and in a way trying to create something special and something that one can relate to. Hope you guys enjoy!”

Finding Mero adds, “Every song that I create and produce is an integral part of me. They represent the different sides and shades of my world. ‘this feeling that never ends’ is very dear to me as it has not only given me the space for a different representation, but also helped me rediscover myself. Hope you guys enjoy the EP.”

‘this feeling that never ends’ EP Tracklist

1. this feeling that never ends
2. i can feel your eyes on me
3. it’s not easy when you’re alone


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