Inspired by the feeling of seeking new adventures, Serena Foster releases new single

Serena Foster

Los Angeles-based Singer/Songwriter Serena Foster releases her newest single entitled “In This House”.

Perfectly melding pop-infused melodies with EDM and wistful angst, Serena Foster touches upon the thoughts we all have while navigating the uncertainties of life; searching for that high we are all chasing. Whether it be traveling the world or landing that jab we’ve always dreamed for, the daily grind has us feel trapped in our current surroundings and looking for a way out.

Produced by Raz Klinghoffer, the song perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being trapped with its jagged production while Serena’s vocals weave in and out throughout, trying to break free and soar but constantly gets pulled back within the confines of the song.

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Serena Foster was born into a musical family, where she started singing at the age of five and penning songs at the age of nine. Originally writing and performing within the Americana genre, Serena decided to reinvent herself and her music; diving into an inward soul-search for her voice and identity. This led to the combination of her musical background and the passion and love she has for EDM. As such, Serena has released multiple singles to high acclaim and viral sensation with many people wanting more of her unique blend of Pop and EDM.


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