Seth N’ Sound Injects His One-Of-A-Kind Sound Design Into VIP Edit Of Justice Classic “D. A. N. C. E.”

seth n' sound d.a.n.c.e. vip edit

Seth N’ Sound, remix maestro and master of many musical talents, has once again proven that he can set any dancefloor ablaze with his iconic sound.

This time with a vibrant and fun-loving flip of Justice’s 2007 classic “D. A. N. C. E.”. The track’s already infectious rhythm gets an extra dose of exuberance with Seth’s variations in production. “D. A. N. C. E.” (Seth n’ Sound VIP Edit) will be available to stream via Soundcloud exclusively on Friday October 20.

In this audacious remix of Justice’s iconic “D.A.N.C.E.”, the VIP track embarks on a sophisticated musical odyssey, paying homage to the classic by elegantly anchoring its rhythm while introducing invigorating new musical elements. From the outset, it pays homage to the original by elegantly anchoring its rhythm in that celebrated groove. But what ensues is truly remarkable. Seamlessly woven into the foundation is a groovy bassline that, while ever-evolving, never loses its potent force. As listeners navigate the bridge, they’re met with a deliberate, tantalizing decrescendo in tempo. But after long awaited anticipation, it soon erupts, presenting a jubilant reinterpretation of the classic. Meticulously interlaced bass accents with the guitar’s rhythm concoct an effervescent ambiance that’s both fresh and familiar. This track is more than a remix, it’s a celebration of classic funk and dance music.

In Seth’s latest release, he has elegantly married tradition with innovation, breathing new life into an iconic chart-topper. This transformation is a declaration of Seth’s profound musical prowess and an insatiable desire to chart the unknown. His courage to dance on the edge of avant-garde sonic frontiers not only underscores his versatility but also cements his status as a maestro in the ever-evolving dance music realm.


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