Seth N’ Sound Unleashes Sonic Flames With Game-Of-Love Inspired Melodic Masterpiece ‘Give In’

seth n' sound give in

Building upon the triumph of his debut hit “Far Away,” Seth n’ Sound unveils a remarkable follow-up creation titled “Give In,” featuring the vocals of LA-based, Indian vocalist – SAAHAS.

Remaining steadfast in his origins as a mastermind behind ghost production and sound engineering endeavors for prominent figures such as London on da Track, UMG, WMG, and countless others, Seth n’ Sound assumes multifaceted roles in this project as the producer, mixer, lyricist, topliner, and vocal engineer. With the unveiling of “Give In,” Seth embarks on a new chapter in his artistic journey, fearlessly exploring uncharted sonic territories. Drawing inspiration from the game of love, “Give In” transports listeners to a soundscape reminiscent of a grand casino, teeming with enigmatic auditory treasures. “Give In” is out now on all streaming platforms.

“Give In” presents a euphoric masterpiece that entices listeners to relinquish themselves to its electrifying, immersive soundscape. With a breathtaking vocal performance by SAAHAS as its crowning jewel, the composition ascends to new heights by intertwining haunting yet irresistibly rhythmic synthesizers, a groovy bassline, and a funk-infused string arrangement. Seth n’ Sound skillfully leverages his melodic prowess, crafting a track brimming with an unparalleled surge of vitality, leaving audiences yearning for more from this emerging virtuoso. Each release serves as a testament to Seth’s multifaceted talent, and “Give In” stands as a glowing testament to his artistic depth. A perfect addition to any playlist or mix, this song’s boundless energy certifies its universal appeal, captivating the hearts of all who encounter it.

In “Give In”, Seth n’ Sound creates an atmosphere in which different sonic elements are layered to reveal a world where themes of manipulation and toxicity coexist with the vibrant celebration of love’s euphoria showcasing the inherent excitement embedded within the game of affection. This incandescent single has further earned Seth the position of producer to watch in the dance music realm and beyond.

With more releases coming in the following months, each with entirely different stylistic elements, Seth n’ Sound shows his fans that there is no limit to his creative vision.


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