Sevenn WME Signee Reveals Hybrid Techno Single “Champagne & Pizza”

sevenn champagne & pizza

After signing with William Morris Endeavor and bursting out the gates with recent releases “Angles” and “Deep Inside,” esteemed producer and DJ Sevenn returns with a sequence of tantalizing singles to usher listeners into the warmer months and onto the dance floor.

Out everywhere May 13th, “Champagne & Pizza” is the newest addition to Sevenn’s iconic Hybrid Techno discography that sets the perfect tone for summer escapades.

“Champagne & Pizza” enters with an irresistible smattering of velvety vocals and hushed chords. The record’s palpable energy escalates with a fervent swarm of rapid-fire notes before nose diving into Sevenn’s trademark Hybrid Techno beatwork. A pulsating bassline and reverberating knocks take over as Sevenn flexes his expert sound layering, crafting a sound that will surely cement this semi-dark cut in rotations everywhere.

“‘Champagne & Pizza’ is about finding your inner darkness and facing it. Not everything that happens in life is light, and so this song is about a dark place but kind of a mischievous one. I came up with the idea for the lead by putting a bunch of arpeggiators together and the computer basically spoke this melody to me in real time. And that’s what you’re hearing. It’s kind of a collab between me and the computer, like my cyborg kid.” – Sevenn

Refusing to be pigeonholed into one genre, Sevenn often blurs the lines between house and techno and creates a distinct sound of his own in the process. Recently, Sevenn ventured to the dark side for his latest release “Deep Inside,” where the enigmatic artist brought listeners to their knees with the track’s delectably dark atmospheres and snake-charmer chord progressions.

Holstering a long list of well-deserved accolades including festival sets at Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, and Creamfields, as well as joint efforts with Gucci Mane and Tiësto, Sevenn now embarks on a new musical journey with the avid support of WME, one of the largest leading forces in the entertainment industry.


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