Shakira inspires Kris Kross Amsterdam & The Boy Next Door


Dutch DJ and producer trio Kris Kross Amsterdam (KKA) and British singer-songwriter Conor Maynard team up again. They are joined by fellow Dutchie The Boy Next Door (TBND) on their new single ‘Whenever’ to compete this dream team. With a sample of Shakira’s smash hit ‘Whenever, Wherever’ and KKA’s and TBND’s catchy and signature hooks, this single is bound to be a huge summer hit. ‘Whenever’
is the second single KKA and Conor Maynard are releasing together, following up their early 2017 hit ‘Are You Sure?’.

Here’s what the artists had to say:

“We are very proud that we could use the sample of Shakira’s 2001 hit single ‘Whenever, Wherever’. The track was written by Shakira and Gloria Estefan and we are huge fans of them. We’re really happy with the result and secretly hope they like it too! ;)” – Kris Kross Amsterdam

“After my 2017 hit ‘La Colegiala’, I have been constantly looking for summery influences for my tracks. At a certain moment I heard this classic Shakira tune again, which I hadn’t heard in a long time, and instantly got very inspired by it. After the initial idea came to existence I asked Kris Kross Amsterdam to work with me on this track. We went into the studio together and after we finished the tune, they asked Conor Maynard, who Kris Kross Amsterdam worked with before, to add an amazing vocal to it. Conor immediately got exited about it and after one week everything was recorded and finished.” – The Boy Next Door

“It’s sick to be working with the Kris Kross boys again, it was such a laugh last time. This time we’ve done our take on a classic Shakira song so hopefully people will love it. Now all I need is a DM from Shakira saying I did a great job and that we should hang out some time.” – Conor Maynard

About Kris Kross Amsterdam

Formed in the Dutch Capital in 2011 – brothers Jordy and Sander Huisman set about creating a sound which they forged their myriad influences together in seamless fashion. First finding fame as a DJ duo playing around Amsterdam, they soon decided to start throwing parties in the city under the Kris Kross Amsterdam name, where they could play exactly what they wanted to: an unconventional mix of R&B, hiphop, twerk, trap and house. These events rapidly became some of the most talked about parties in the city for lovers of beats and bass. In 2014 MC Yuki Kempees joined the duo to perform vocal duties, taking their already raulous club shows to the next level and ready to take over the world.

Fast forward to 2018, taking over the world is exactly what they have been doing and don’t plan to stop doing any time soon! Their smash hit ‘SEX’ together with LA-based Cheat Codes, which racked up more than 480 million streams on Spotify alone, was their big international break through, opening the gates to a long string of gigs around the globe. This year adding the prestige Ultra Music Festival in Miami to their already impressive touring history and most recently making the crowds of Ultra Korea, Ultra Singapore and Ultra Beijing go insanely wild!

About The Boy Next Door

With ‘Whenever’ we have a first when it comes down to a collab between KKA and TBND. KKA’s eclectic sound couldn’t be a more perfect match, blending excellently with TBND’s signature sound of Urban meets Party meets ‘Feel Good’ vibes. With an undefeated track record in making people dance that has been proven all over the globe, his 2017 hit single ‘La Colegiala’ (with DJ Fresh Coast and Jody Bernal) made him a special act for every crowd. Signed by Spinnin’ Records shortly after, he is ready to break through every border known to mankind.

About Conor Maynard

For KKA it’s not the first time teaming up with the Britisch singer-songwriter Conor Maynard. In early 2017 they released their popular collab ‘Are You Sure?’ together with the American Ty Dolla $ign. Conor is currently one of the biggest UK-acts on YouTube, with more than 7 million YouTube subscribers. With his warm voice and the tropical and catchy sound of KKA and TBND, ‘Whenever’ is a guaranteed soundtrack for the summer of 2018. The official video of the single also embodies that ultimate summer holiday vibe. Half of the video was filmed in Cadiz, Spain with KKA and TBND and the other half with Conor in Florida, USA.


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