Shingo Nakamura Reveals Next Chapter of ‘Glow (The Remixes Pt. 2)’ EP Features Progressive Tastemakers Like Meeting Molly, Cosmaks, & More

shingo nakamura glow (the remixes pt.2)

Following the release of his first album remix package, Japan’s leading progressive house producer Shingo Nakamura returned to Monstercat Silk today with ‘Glow (The Remixes Pt. 2),’ featuring seven dazzling reworks of his soothing title single, “Glow.”

Each remix is the perfect combination of dreamy chords, rich atmospheric pads, and deep basses, showcasing the unique spin each producer put on the track.

Starting off the EP is progressive house tastemaker Meeting Molly with his ethereal rendition of “Glow.” Next, the melodic deep house take from French tastemaker Cosmaks introduces an upbeat but mellow energy to the laidback package.

Also featured on the EP are two beautiful reworks from LabelRadar remix contest winners Athmospear and Tendon, spotlighting their promising production skills and expertly crafted soundscapes.

Meeting Molly shares, “Every time I see Shingo’s name in the title of a release, I can confidently say that the release will be in my favorites. Years ago, when I was just trying my hand at writing music, Shingo inspired me with his melodies and beautiful piano parts. After all this time, I was lucky enough to do an official remix. This is a dream come true!”

Cosmaks adds, “My remix of ‘Glow’ remains faithful to the original while offering an alternative and captivating musical journey to the listeners.”


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