Shy Baboon And Maejor Unveils New Single, ‘All We Got’

maejor all we got

Shy Baboon might be a new name on the STMPD RCRDS roster, but the two musical geniuses behind it surely aren’t.

Label frequenters Matisse & Sadko have teamed up with Maejor for the first release under their new moniker: ‘’All We Got’’.

Shy Baboon: ‘’Before the pandemic started we were at Martijn’s studio. He was working with several artists including Maejor. During the breaks he freestyled rap to our demos. That was how the idea of the track was born. Later on, during the pandemic, we wrote many different demos which didn’t fit the Matisse & Sadko project stylistically. Eventually we came to the conclusion that we needed to create an alternative moniker to release House music.

This is going to be the first track under the Shy Baboon moniker. We wanted the name of the project to be original, distinct and easy to remember. Initially Shy Baboon was an operating name but when Maejor started rapping using this combination of words, we decided it could be a decent name for the project.’’


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