Burgeoning Indie Artist Silent Child Unveils Anticipated Five-Track EP ‘Paranoid Optimist’

silent child paranoid optimist

Following his debut hit singles “Hate U/Miss U” and “Perfect,” multifaceted artist Silent Child released the rest of his awaited project, ‘Paranoid Optimist’ on Monstercat today.

Spanning five tracks that traverse the highs and lows of his poetic inner-dialogue, the Atlanta-based singer-songwriter has crafted a relatable body of work for the times. The catchy alt-pop single, “1975” is reminiscent of multi-genre greats like Portugal. The Man in its bassline, and Arctic Monkeys in its distorted vocals. Every charming hook on the package is brimming with imposter syndrome in its lyricism, a signature element of Silent Child’s vulnerable musicianship.

Silent Child shares, “My word, when speaking to or about myself, really doesn’t hold much weight to me. Everyone tells me that I’m going to be something great or that my music is amazing, but the results I’m used to seeing in myself are failure. Over the years it’s gotten better and I’ve become more optimistic, especially with this new project, but things have moved so far and so fast that my paranoia is at an all-time high. This EP is me saying that I’m going to take the leap of faith and believe in the positive future that everyone thinks I will have. I’ll try not to look back too much, I’m here for the journey.”

Developing his eclectic sound while managing Asperger’s and ADHD has proven a challenge for Rodney Cooke, but his hyper-creativity and upbringing bore a melting pot of influences that contribute to his distinct approach. From hip-hop beats to indie-rock instrumentals, he’s earned fans in artists from PatrickReza to San Holo and industry authorities like DJ Mag. It’s clear that Silent Child is paving the way for the next generation of Atlanta’s outsiders.


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