Simon Doty’s Four-Tracker ‘Solaris’ Soundtracks Summer

simon doty solaris

Simon Doty is back on Anjunadeep with ‘Solaris’ – four distinct tracks that together evoke summer, and the long-awaited return to clubbing.

‘As with all of my EPs, versatility was one of the priorities – I want to have something for everyone across the four tracks.’

Following the standout ‘The Beacon’ (Knee Deep In Sound) and previous Anjunadeep releases this year, Doty does indeed deliver his signature killer mix of heartfelt feeling, dance vibes for the feet, and techy brilliance for the brain.

‘I always aim for a balance of edge and character with emotion. These tracks definitely represent that vision and I’m really happy with how they turned out.’

In ‘Solaris’ a peak-time groove carries twangling synths in short chord riffs which blossom into signature Doty melody, along with a vocal call and teasingly haunting breakdowns.

‘A full-on club track I have road tested as much as possible this year. It’s very simple but effective, and hits hard’. ‘House For All’ is summery and celebratory, with vocal riffs and strong piano to lift and magnify the beat. ‘A housier vibe, great for daytime events or end of the night at a club.’

‘Belikewater’ takes us to steamy rainforests, as rippling riffs entwine and entrance. Featured on Anjunadeep 12, ‘A bit more of a peak time progressive vibe’ named after a famous quote from Bruce Lee speaking to versatility and tenacity.

The EP closes with Requiem: deep bass reverb lends gravitas to hissing hi-hats and swift jazzy piano, while the sustained breakdown has a more ambient feel with breathy vocals and noble strings. ‘Done with my good friend from Argentina – Ezequiel Arias. Our first track together (Sonoma) was a great success, so we were eager to follow up. I think this track captures the true Anjunadeep essence of being deep and emotive.

Self-taught talent Doty rose swiftly through the support of major tastemakers and labels, and his output shows both consistent quality and creative growth.

‘Solaris’ drops on Anjunadeep on June 16th.

1. Solaris
2. House For All
3. Be Like Water
4. Requiem w/ Ezequiel Arias


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