Singer-songwriter Janieck receives remix treatment by Alle Farben and Denis First & Reznikov


Singer-songwriter Janieck, known for his worldwide hit ‘Reality’ alongside Lost Frequencies and his solo hit ‘Feel The Love’, recently presented his new single ‘Does It Matter’, capturing a unique blend of (acoustic) pop and dance music. Now, the record returns in two new guises, remixed by Alle Farben and Denis First & Reznikov.

Stream them here.

First up, Alle Farben, who’s been on the forefront of German deep house since releasing his debut album ‘Synesthesia’ in 2014. Following this, the Berlin producer also released his sophomore album ‘Music Is My Best Friend’ in 2016, and scored various hit singles, including ‘Bad Ideas’ and ‘Please Tell Rosie’.

As a trusted partner in crime for Janieck, not only delivering hit single ‘Little Hollywood’ together but also Alle Farben album track ‘Madison’ in 2016, the German act was happy to provide ‘Does It Matter’ with a taste of its own, leaning more to a dance floor styled version.

“Janieck´s voice and the melody were an amazing base to create a perfect Dance Remix. To get my unique sound I invited my trumpet player Lahos to record some scratches. I reduced the off beat a little bit to make ‘Does It Matter’ more danceable”, says Alle Farben.

The second part of this remix package comes from Russian DJ/producer Denis First & Reznikov, a well known duo and renowned remixers from Moscow, providing Janieck’s single with a twist of future house energy, adding strong rhythms and drops, while staying true to the original vibe.


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