Skrillex Opens Up His Heart With His Newest Song, “Don’t Get Too Close”

skrillex don't get too close

With the release of ‘Don’t Get Too Close’ created with Lido and Bibi Bourelly, Skrillex demonstrates his softer side as he shows off the first track from his second studio album.

There are also vocals from Sonny himself on this ambient and soulful track. He uploaded the track on youtube with an animated Porcupine visualiser that appears as Sonny starting with a dialogue that prolongs throughout the track.

He sings,
“I’m on my PC, I see famous people, I think they’re like mе
So why aren’t we equal?”

Check the video here

The track appears to be one of the personal works of the artist and also justifies his statement of 2022 being the worst year of his life. Overall looking at everything it seems like the artist will be communicating with us more through his upcoming projects.

His first LP for the year titled ‘QUEST FOR FIRE’ releases this Saturday and features collaborations with Fred Again, Missy Elliott, Four Tet, Porter Robinson, Noisia and many more! A set teasing all the tracks was also played in his basement. It is evident, after listening to them, that the artist has once again outdone himself and given the world of music something new and innovative.

Check out the tracklist below:

RUMBLE feat. Fred Again… & Flowdan x Hamdi – Skanka
XENA feat. Nai Barghouti
INHALE EXHALE feat. Aluna & Kito
A STREET I KNOW feat. Eli Keszler
TEARS feat. Joker & Sleepnet
WARPED TOUR ’05 feat. Pete Wentz
GOOD SPACE feat. Starrah
TOO BIZARRE (juked) feat. Swae Lee, Siiickbrain & Posij x Constantine & Squadooble Bust Down
SUPERSONIC (MY EXISTENCE) VIP feat. Noisia, Josh Pan & Dylan Brady
LEAVE ME LIKE THIS feat. Bobby Raps x BABY AGAIN feat. Four Tet & Fred Again…
BUTTERFLIES feat. Starrah & Four Tet
RATATA feat. Missy Elliott & Mr Oizo
STILL HERE (WITH THE ONES THAT I CAME WITH) feat. Porter Robinson & Bibi Bourelly

Watch the full set here

We all know Skrillex went through a rough time last year, and his music will speak to us about it soon. We can’t wait to hear all the stories he has to tell.

Shantanu Gursal


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