Slippy drops new single featuring Sara Skinner – Show Me

slippy show me

Alex Swartwout, better known as Slippy, has released yet another dark single – Show Me, featuring the vocals of Sara Skinner.

The track which comes out on Monstercat is one that is true to his signature style of music production, which creates a lot of energy and displays his creativity.

To get things started, the artist has made use of the husky vocals of Sara, which has an echoey touch to it. With a mysterious vibe, the music slowly gains your attention and the bass works will start to get your heart pumping faster. While the lyrics have their intimate impact on the listener, the drop displays a somewhat-spooky vibe and some addictive synth works. The latter part of the song gets a little trippy and definitely leaves your surprised – gladly.

Called Slips & Slurs, earlier, Slippy has come a long way from being a fan of Monstercat to getting music released under the same imprint. He is one passionate DJ who is continuing his education and still has his goals set firm in the production sphere as well. The unique name Slips & Slurs came from the lyrics of the band Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows which goes, “it’s been watching you, your slips & slurs and play on words”.

After building a strong presence in the dance music realm as Slips and Slurs, he made the transition into a new persona known as Slippy. This transition did not stop his fans from following. He also displays an immense passion for film and says that films inspired him in creating music. His favorite movie, he says, is Interstellar – thanks to the amazing musical works. Needless to say, when the music is as great as he is, the fans will continue to experience the musical journey with you.

There’s something intimate and beautiful about this song along with the dark vibe that it so richly carries. What do you think? Let us know below.

Download the track here.

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