Sludge Makes An Unforgettable Debut With “Blacksmith”

Sludge Blacksmith

The newest import from Carnage’s Heavyweight Records is Sludge, who might just be the most sinister of the notorious label’s recruits yet.

Sludge makes an unforgettable debut with “Blacksmith” and its accompanying music video, which uses the track’s fusion of gut-wrenching, stabbing synths, pulverizing basslines and disturbing vocal samples to amplify the video’s twisted storyline. We are introduced to Sludge as the leader of an Eastern Europe cold war era-esque extremist gang – complete with skinhead rituals and a very suspect lemonade drink – whose mission is to control and manipulate his disciples with his music. Sludge’s absolutely nefarious music style combined with the video’s ’90s VHS production and dismal setting creates a chilling alternate reality – and that’s exactly what Sludge intends. It ends with our anti-hero driving off to other adventures and undoubtedly other conquests, making us squirm with anticipation of his next move. Keep a (wary) eye out for Sludge’s new music and appearances on Heavyweight Records later this year!

Iconic DJ and producer Carnage founded his label Heavyweight Records in 2017 as a home for hard bass and hip-hop music. Since then, the LA-based artist has gathered a formidable crew of cronies on the imprint, from the masked mastermind GRAVEDGR, Melbourne Bounce frontrunner Timmy Trumpet, trippy up-and-comer GOMMI, and now the sinister and dangerous Sludge. He joins their prestigious ranks as a brand-new artist, with “Blacksmith” being his first original release, and has set the stage to be one of the label’s premiere acts going forward.


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