SNAILS Unveils Third And Final Installment Of Slime Time EP Series

snails slime time pt.3

Mastermind responsible for the absurdity behind the sub-genre known as “vomitstep,” SNAILS gripped the attention of bassheads out the gate with some of the most hellacious sounds to hit electronic music.

Now, SNAILS soundly returns April 15th with the third and final installment of his evolutionary trilogy, ‘Slime Time Pt. 3’ EP.

“Slime Time Part 3 is really important for me as it is the final part of the whole Slime Time trilogy. Those EPs were always about trying something new and different while at the same time revisiting my original sound and bringing my signature sound design in a new way. I feel this last EP is the most exciting of them all in terms of style and sounds. With a wide spectrum of BPMs and catchy club vocals, Slime Time Pt. 3 offers a new touch on the original SNAILS sound and leads the way towards the evolution of this sound in the future.

“Tekno” blends the atmosphere and energy of SNAILS signature sound design while exploring different BPMs from dubstep to house, a combination that will make sure to keep the listener on the edge of his/her seat!

“Feel It” brings on the heavier side of SNAILS! After 10 years of SNAILS and with all the massive collaborations released along the way, this last EP needed one more ‘banger’ type of song to please the ears of all headbangers and my Vomit Squad!” – SNAILS

A key figurehead behind the dubstep boom in the US over the past decade, SNAILS’ influence is unparalleled, with his distinct style and free personality leaving an influential trail for aspiring music producers everywhere to follow.

Cranking out absolute heaters complete with reverberating gurgles and grotesque synth work, SNAILS’ discography and recognizable style speak for themselves, with the Canadian producer routinely proving his creative mettle in the studio. ‘Slime Time Pt. 3’ is SNAILS at his absolute best, with each track holding the power to get anyone’s adrenaline pumping with his explosive, distinct, groove-inducing growls.

Full tracklist is below:

Everybody Move
Feel It


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