Maelstrom releases remix package of ‘Snow Falls’ featuring PTU, Clatterbox and Interchain


Following the success of his 2017 album ‘Her Empty Eyes’, RAAR label cofounder Maelstrom has released a new remix package of the lead single, ’Snow Falls Across The Border’.

Download it here.

As well as a new live version, the remix package includes takes from Trip signees PTU, Moscow based live act Interchain and mid nineties UK minimal pioneer Clatterbox.

On his version of ‘Snow Falls’, Clatterbox brings a lush, emotional soundscape, while Russia’s Interchain and PTU give two vastly varying versions, channeling nihilistic cold wave (with the words ‘snow falls’ in Russian repeated insistently throughout).

Maelstrom re-envisions his own work in a single live take, adding sharper teeth and tougher guts to the pensive, enigmatic original.

01. Snow Falls (Interchain Remix)
02. Snow Falls (PTU Remix)
03. Snow Falls (Clatterbox Remix)
04. Snow Falls (Live Version)

About Maelstrom

Though his name suggests total chaos, Maelstrom’s music belies intention, focus and precision. Often marked as an ‘exciting newcomer’ to French techno, Maelstrom has actually been making music for over fifteen years. With a cryptic history of aliases and side projects and illegal raves thrown in warehouses and fields and basements, the artist has really come into his own under this moniker. 2017 saw the release of his first album on RAAR. Both an evolution of the producer’s rich history and an intellectual departure from everything that has preceded it, “Her Empty Eyes” is a work that is uncanny, challenging and meditative. More music will follow in 2018 on labels such as Sheffield’s CPU, London’s Cultivated Electronics, and Moscow’s Private Persons.

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