Sofi Tukker release their highly-anticipated debut album – Treehouse


SOFI TUKKER’s debut album Treehouse is out today worldwide just ahead of the North American leg of their world tour kicking off 18th April.

Download it here.

For the past two years, Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern have released a stream of adventurous and innovative music beginning with their Grammy nominated debut single “Drinkee”. Their bold take on dance pop explores joy, empowerment and liberation while seamlessly incorporating unexpected elements like contemporary Brazilian poetry, Japanese raps, and Andean string instruments. Treehouse is a Technicolor invitation into the world of SOFI TUKKER.

SOFI TUKKER’s dance floor dominating ode to overcoming our inner and outer saboteurs, “Fuck They”, opens Treehouse and serves as the group’s statement of intent. It’s followed by “Energia”, an ecstatic plea to the universe for energy. “Benadryl” deals with breaking the dreamlike following a break-up and melds both English and Brazilian Portuguese. New single “Batshit” is the first to feature Tucker on lead vocals and also soundtracks the Apple iPhone RED television ads which start airing this week. SOFI TUKKER’s good friend Charlie Barker makes a cameo on “Good Time Girl”, where the group critique the trope of the nice girl who doesn’t complain and does everything to please others. “Johny” features lyrics adapted from the Brazilian poet Paulo Leminski and explores rock guitar textures. The group says about “My Body Hurts”, “We wrote this one when we started touring and were getting used to a new kind of exhaustion. It’s about letting yourself feel all the things and just letting it out!” .

They adapted a love poem by Chacal for “The Dare” which draws from South American folk music and shows the group’s experimental side. The anthemic “Baby I’m a Queen”, a long-time live favorite, is about embracing your vulnerability and not letting yourself be belittled for it. The international smash “Best Friend” bookends Treehouse. The group sent the original track to their friends The Knocks, NERVO, and Alisa Ueno to add on to it and it became a triumphant ode to friendship which became a top 20 hit on US pop, alternative, and dance radio. It also became the Tonight Show debut for everyone involved.

SOFI TUKKER’s genre-defying sound has found an impassioned fanbase across the world. Their music has charted on every continent except Antarctica! Just as infectious as their colossal pop hooks is the spirit at the heart of SOFI TUKKER which encourages us to find our bliss and be our truest selves fearlessly. SOFI TUKKER’s Treehouse is a place where we all play together and imagination is the law of the land. Won’t you join them?

Sofi Tukker – Treehouse Tracklist

1. Fuck They
2. Energia
3. Benadryl
4. Batshit
5. Good Time Girl (feat. Charlie Barker)
6. Johny
7. My Body Hurts
8. The Dare
9. Baby I’m A Queen
10. Best Friend (feat. NERVO, The Knocks & Alisa Ueno)

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