Sofi Tukker Shares Nora En Pure’s Remix Of ‘Fantasy’

fantasy nora en pure remix

Today, SOFI TUKKER shares house music producer Nora En Pure’s transportive ‘Fantasy’ remix.

Nore En Pure’s remix ebbs and flows through deconstructed moments of meditation and expansive movements through pulsating bass and soaring synth flourishes.

“Fantasy” introduced a new phase of SOFI TUKKER following the international success of their debut album Treehouse which culminated in their second GRAMMY nomination, performance at the GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony, and the gold certification of “Best Friend” in the US earlier this year. In only a few whirlwind years, their music has taken unexpected daredevil turns amassing a passionate fan base across the world moved by the freedom and joy in their songs and their ecstatic live performances. The group enlisted Charles Todd (Scheme Engine) for the resplendent and lush “Fantasy” video that brings the song’s themes to life through jaw-dropping landscapes and adventurous styling.


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