Solardo hand-pick Ibiza’s very best for annual compilation – Sola Ibiza

sola ibiza

Solardo have released their best picks from their Ibiza sets this year as part of the Sola Ibiza compilation, on their own record label, Sola Records. The biggest tunes from the best DJs are featured on this pack as it amplifies the reach of talent that came to light this summer. A fiery collection of 18 tracks is what you shall be treated to and it’s totally exciting and much more!

Max Chapman’s ‘Do What You Like’ is an upbeat high-energy track that’s got the right things in the right places. Mat.Joe’s ‘On 3rd Street’ starts with unusually catchy vocals and has some really raw sounds to add to its flair, as it makes you want to jump every moment. ‘The Enemy’ by Russ Yallop is quite unique with a blend of dark and sinister feeling along with some deep and bassy magic coupled by spaceship –like sounds in some places. Riaz Dhanani & Harry Ley’s ‘Sour Apple Groove’ is anything but sour! The bass heavy track implements the right mixes of mystical vibes as well as bouncy elements.

Wade’s ‘Bazze’ provides an immersive bass experience, while Pax’s ‘Happy Pills’ has some incredibly energetic vibe to it. ‘Crazy’ by Brett Gould is a treat filled with speech-based vocals and every single one of us can relate to. ‘Tyrone’ by George Privatti & Guille Placencia I syet another club banger that is masterfully crafted with catchy bits. Ki Creighton & Makanan’s ‘Scope’ deservingly earns its spot for being very different from the the rest on the list, in terms of the combination of ‘wow’ elements! Davina Moss’ ‘PSYCHEDE-HOUSE’ is all that you’d want on a hard day at work and want to bend your mind to squeeze out stress from it.

Rafa Barrios’ ‘Woohoo’ truly makes you want to go crazy, as it is timed with some amazing vocal work and equally infective bass tempo. ‘The Remedy’ by Mason Collective is truly one to tingle your ears as you listen to them on the earphones! ‘Savage Attack’ by Reblok instantly draws you in with its highly unique combination of music. Luca Donzelli and Mar-T-Senti-Mental is as mental as you’d like a track to be and Kevin Corral’s Bounce this just wont let you go until you’ve bounced till you’re tired. While C.O.Z & SM ONE’s ‘Lost Your Mind’ provides an experience that’s immersive and groovy, BOEKE’s ‘Pick Up The Phone’ gives you a very raw and native energy. ‘Esta Louca’ by Volkoder is the last one on the pack and has funny and catchy vocals at timely intervals, making it the one that sticks in your mind for a long time.

The Sola Ibiza pack of 2018 has been incredible to say the least. You can buy it here.

Pavan Kumar


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