Our favourite songs from Solarstone’s new album, . . – – –


Solarstone’s latest album saw the light of the day on the 4th of May, 2018.

A sequel to the previous album released in 2017 “.—-“, this one was a much awaited one and it doesn’t fail to live up to the sky rocketing expectations. Spanning across 8 tracks, each and every one of them is a masterpiece in itself. Hence, picking out 5 was quite a difficult one!

The album, being as elusive as the previous one, gives off the vibe of being familiar, yet, it stands out very uniquely as compared to the first part. Staying within the set limits of 124 – 138 bpm, the pace isn’t too slow, manages to keep you up in tempo and yet doesn’t really leave you head-banging. It almost fulfills the definition of perfect balance. Incorporating vocals and beautiful melodies, this one is impactful and tugs at the strings in your heart. We managed to pick our best 5 from the album!

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