“Stay At Home” With This Coronavirus Quarantine Playlist

coronavirus quarantine playlist

Depending on where in the world you are, you have been well into your #StayAtHome quarantine or might just be beginning it.

With the global pandemic COVID-19 ravaging countries and nations in every which way, the need of the hour is ‘social distancing.’

While the communications from global governments and even the World Health Organization themselves are loud and clear, they’re urging all non-essential workers to stay at home to stop the viral spread of the coronavirus. While what is being asked for us isn’t much, after a few days in, it might begin to get to some. That’s where we at T.H.E. Music Essentials come in.

We put together a 50-song Coronavirus Quarantine Playlist to help you stay entertained, and stay at home!

The playlist has the potential to get you pumped up, whether you want to hear it as you work from home or use it to boost your mood through that much needed at-home workout. From a fine sprinkling of Armin Van Buuren bangers to a fair share of Martin Garrix, Hardwell, and Fisher among others, this one is sure to brighten up your mood and uplift your spirits.

Since the virus began to spread viciously and got us all home quarantined, there have also been a number of DJ’s who began getting creative with the ways they’re staying connected to their fans in the light of all the cancelations. While some like Diplo have taken to almost daily live streams across social media, Ultra Music Festival tried to get creative and had a ‘virtual audio festival’ on SiriusXM with sets by Armin Van Buuren, Afrojack, David Guetta and more, over the weekend.

With everyone trying to do their best to maintain the connection as most festivals and live events in the near future canceled, for the time being, ‘Couchella and chill’ might just be the new norm. So turn up the playlist and let it transport you to the better times, all without leaving your couch.

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