Steve Angello And Sebastian Ingrosso Bring Back Their Buy Now Alias With Two Sided EP ‘Church’

steve angello church

It’s an understatement to say its been a while, but after 15 plus years, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso’s alias from the early 2000’s, Buy Now, is back with a double sided EP with PARISI titled, ‘Church’.

With the build up being a few Instagram stories showing up on both their profiles on December 28 teasing simply the date of December 30. While there was no mention of this on the socials of Axwell or Swedish House Mafia, reddit and Discord began contemplations and narrowed down that it had to mean something related to Buy Now!

Earlier this year, the duo released “Let You Do This” with Salvatore Ganacci and now Angello and Ingrosso paired up with PARISI for the two-for-one release which features tracks ‘Church’ and ‘Speak Up.’

Listen to both the tracks below as Buy Now makes their comeback in the last days of 2022!

H/T – Dancing Astronaut

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