Steve Mill Returns To True Romance With The Sparking ‘Whatever It Takes’ Featuring Tee Amara

steve mill whatever it takes

Producer, DJ, fervent music aficionado, and record collector Steve Mill has honed a distinctive sound that resonates across dancefloors.

Born in Greece and dividing his time between Berlin, London, and Thessaloniki, Steve Mill weaves his rich cultural heritage into evocative melodies and infectious rhythms.

‘Whatever It Takes’, released 2nd June on Tensnake’s label True Romance, has all the hallmarks of an instant club classic, with truly beautiful high-fidelity production values. The track kicks straight in with a driving bass drum and rhythmic bongos. Hi-hats join the party just in time for the wickedly catchy bass synth to drop. From then, the track builds with fresh layers of synth and vocal samples slathered generously on top, until, at 2:20, Tee Amara’s stunning vocal fully drops: ‘All I wanna do is love you / Even if that has to hurt. Whatever it takes to soothe you / I will be there for you.’ The Berlin-based vocalist’s beautifully soulful R&B style a perfect fit for Steve Mill’s trademark House groove.

The Manuel Sahagun remix, available 30th June, is a stunningly vibrant, funky remix. The acclaimed House producer lending his expert touch to this incredible track that’s bound to get people dancing in discos, clubs, and beach parties around the world all summer long.

Steve Mill explains: ‘Whatever It Takes’ is my second collaboration with the hugely talented Tee Amara. Building on our successful first project from last year, I crafted a hypnotic instrumental, confident that Tee’s voice would complement it perfectly. It only took us a few back-and-forths to reach the final result; working with Tee is always easy and straightforward. Her heartfelt lyrics convey a powerful message of unwavering love and devotion. This song embodies the spirit of resilience, the power of love, and the lengths we’ll go to support those we cherish. With dedication, collaboration, and a loving heart, anything is possible. We were incredibly fortunate to get Manuel Sahagun, one of my favourite house producers onboard to remix Whatever it Takes so wonderfully.


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