STMPD RCRDS Tease New Martin Garrix Single In The Most Brilliant Fashion

martin garrix music

There’s some exciting news from the STMPD RCRDS family! A couple of days ago, the record label released a video on their YouTube channel, asking fans to guess the name of and artists involved in the upcoming track of theirs.

As the views on the video go on increasing, the title of the video is revealing itself. The alphabets have revealed themselves so far and it’s clear that it’s a brand new Martin Garrix track! However, the collaborators and the name of the track itself are yet to be fully revealed, and that will happen as more views get stacked up on the video!

Now that’s exciting, right? What a way to reveal the upcoming release! What do you think is the name of the track? Who do you think has collaborated on it? Let us know below!



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