Stonebank drops a melodic new single featuring Danyka Nadeau – Let You Down

Stonebank Let You Down

England based Stonebank collaborates with Danyka Nadeau to produce a really catchy track in Let You Down. The melodic track is now out on Monstercat- one which Stonebank has always had a good relationship with.

Setting up a really good mood, the vocals from Danyka coupled with some melodic bits in the background grab your attention. As the momentum builds up, the track reaches a groovy phase which is dominated by a laidback tempo, gentle synth works, and a happy vibe. Getting brighter by the moment, it maintains a consistency that keeps you hooked to it, clearly giving it the ability to be one of your favorites from Stonebank.

Stonebank is someone who has already made a mark in the industry and needs no introduction. The 29-year-old talent is someone who effortlessly produces music of many textures and genres. He utilizes his experience to explore his creative side and continue to create the music he loves. His sound teeters the line between melodic and aggressive, offering an element of unpredictability to his productions.

His approach to mixing and matching the music of different genres certainly catches one’s attention as it did capture the attention of Monstercat. With tracks like Eagle Eyes, Moving On, All Night and many more, the DJ has constantly produced quality music. 2018 saw tracks like Sky Is Falling, What Are You Waiting For and What’s Going On, from the producer- all of which saw success.

Danyka is someone who rose to fame as a YouTube covers artist and soon became a well-known voice. Featuring on Au5’s Follow You was a significant step in making her voice a frequent feature on many Monstercat productions. She has since released with Revealed Recordings, No Copyright Sounds, Enhanced Music, Black Sunset Music, Showland Records, MrSuicideSheep, Disciple Records, Liftoff Recordings, and High Contrast Recordings.

Both the artists, together, have created something timid, intimate and soothing with this particular track, showing just how versatile their work can be. With many more projects lined up for both of them, we can expect some exciting music from them soon!

Do not forget to stream/buy it here and leave your comments below!


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