Storyboard Emphasizes The Burden Of Being A Creative With Cinematic Dubstep Single “Heavy Wrist”

storyboard heavy wrist

Connecticut-based producer Storyboard is a fast-rising talent in the dubstep scene. He’s making his debut on NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations with the heavy-hitting dubstep heater “Heavy Wrist.”

The track has been building hype since the artist debuted a demo version during his closing set for Ray Volpe at Webster Hall in New York City.

“Heavy Wrist” is a wonky dubstep anthem centered around the premise of the overwhelming burden felt by an artist to remain creative. The tension-building introduction is simplistic yet impactful, utilizing an enticing futuristic melody and crisp production to set the stage. An epic voice commands to “Let the heavens rage,” before Storyboard unveils massive drops that are packed with wobbly synth sequences, metallic percussion, screwy fills, and the namesake vocals, which sparked the idea that brought the track to life. The hefty riddim sections will annihilate any opposition while still maintaining a mind-melting bounce. The wavy melodic lead offers the perfect counterbalance in the stripped-down break before slamming listeners with the raucous finale.

Storyboard breaks down how the track came to be: “‘Heavy Wrist’ came about from the sample in the drop, the way that the words sounded and the way I could incorporate that into an electronic rhythm were immediately apparent to me. I built the drop around the sample and I wanted to keep the intro and main motif quite simple so as not to detract from the drop, which I also feel is quite simple but pushed how mean it is into your face. The song itself comes from a lot of the frustrations in my day-to-day life and, while I think the most common way to interpret ‘Heavy Wrist’ is like a surplus of jewelry. I think you could also see the word heavy as ‘tired’ and, so the weight of an artist’s wrists who use their hands to create; and the tone comes from a darkness that I think every artist knows in their own way. I like how you can look at this song on the surface level and see something not very deep but maybe someone can find a meaning in there, through the malleability of art.”

Hailing from Connecticut, Storyboard is a scorching-hot dubstep producer known for fusing his affinity for movie soundtracks, rock bands, and grimy bass sounds. He’s been making waves with previous releases thathave enjoyed tastemaker support from heavy-hitters like Excision, Barely Alive, INFEKT, and Virtual Riot.

“Heavy Wrist” adds another dubstep weapon to Storyboard’s ever-growing arsenal.

Storyboard’s new single “Heavy Wrist” is available everywhere via Gud Vibrations.


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