UK House Producer SUBSHIFT Makes His Debut On Tchami’s Confession Label!

subshift dreamer

A high-octane tech house track with powerful vocal hooks and rave-inspired synths, ‘Dreamer’ marks SUBSHIFT’s first release on Tchami’s Confession Label.

The track has already received support from Wax Motif, TS7, and more.

Beginning with a synth pluck and a typical club vocal loop, the track builds up to a snare roll and drop. During the breakdown we hear bass in the deep and dark corners of the club where melo arps crawl across your skin and then a sudden pluck brings you back to the center of the club and prepares you for another drop.

SUBSHIFT has made an ideal bounce number for clubs which has the potential to boost the energy and raise the bar and make the crowd ready for the night.

Speaking about Subshift, he is a DJ/Producer from the UK who experiments with his music but produces heavy-tech house sounds most of the time. His releases on labels such as Insomniac Records, The Myth Of NYX, Terminal Underground, and more have caught many people’s attention. In addition to being supported by industry bigwigs, his tracks have been played on BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM, and Sirius XM.

The UK producer is off to a great start in 2023, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!


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