Subshock & Evangelos Splinter Into House and D&B With Versatile Two-Track ‘Want U’ EP

subshock evangelos want u ep

The shapeshifting duo known as Subshock & Evangelos are double-dipping into house and drum & bass on their divergent ‘Want U’ EP, as part of Night Mode’s fourth season of releases.

Through forming an alliance that closed the distance between their respective homes in Spain and Belgium, Subshock & Evangelos have proven they are able to cover a lot of ground, and not just in the literal sense. The DOPE SQVAD label-heads have been consistently shaking up the global dancefloor with a sizeable seismic force, as they’ve built a dizzying dynamic discography that refuses to back down from any genre the project crosses paths with. Apparently, their versatility knows no bounds. Over the years, they’ve sent ripples across myriad of loosely connected dance music microcosms via an extremely adaptive output that explores speed house, psytrance, hard dance, dubstep, and almost every subgenre under the sun.

In true Subshock and Evangelos fashion, they splinter off into two distinct vibes on their debut appearance for Night Mode, a two-tracker by the name of ‘Want U.’ The lead cut “Don’t Wanna” finds them reaching into their bass house repertoire to set the tone. On it, the pair skirts around emotional closure with a brooding crossover-situated groove about a reluctant romantic who would rather not face the music. The duo pulls off an impeccable 180 on the B-side with “If You Wanna.” The conflicting title cleverly heads in the opposite direction from its predecessor, hinting at the onset of an entirely different vibe altogether. The boys drive the EP home with a finishing touch of liquid drum & bass, surging through a lofty D&B journey that is elevated to heart-fluttering heights with the help of a tantalizing topline from esteemed producer/singer The Voicians—known for his work on Hospital Records, Liquicity, mau5trap and more. While most artists might be too intimidated to try their hands at a split EP of this magnitude, it is essentially second nature for the multi-dimensional duo that is Subshock & Evangelos.

“We are really pleased to release this EP with Night Mode. We have been following them since they started because of their eclectic sound and we thought it was the best home for the first hybrid EP that we have done in a really long time. With this EP, we wanted to go really eclectic in order to mix our sound with different genres that we have been enjoying lately. We could also say it expresses how we felt during the quarantine: ‘Dont wanna’ expresses a darker vibe where we wanted to play safe during the pandemic, and “IF you wanna” kind of express that we dont havet to have fear and we can still enjoy life” – Subschock & Evangelos


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