Sultan + Shepard, Rock Mafia & Bahari Release Video For “Miles To Your Heart”

sultan shepard miles to your heart

Canadian producer duo Sultan + Shepard, artist collective Rock Mafia, and LA-based dark pop duo Bahari release the official video for their collaborative song “Miles To Your Heart“ today.

The video highlights a man reminiscing about a special, light-hearted day with his friends, played by Bahari, before a tragic accident seals their fate forever.

Sultan + Shepard shared why the song’s meaning is personal to them:

“Distance from another person creates so much perspective and it’s often the moments away from someone when you realize that you can’t live without them. “Miles to Your Heart” is about these bittersweet feelings that you feel when the person you love isn’t with you, but you know they are the ones you want to be with. We’ve spent a lot of time on the road away from the people we love and the sadness of missing someone, mixed with the beautiful feeling of being in love creates a very special emotion that we tried to capture on this record.”

The dreamy track embodies the feeling of wanting to be with someone despite the distance that may be keeping you from them. Sultan + Shepard first brought the track to Bahari and they recorded the song together at The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver B.C, with Rock Mafia adding their signature touch onto the track.

On how “Miles To Your Heart” came together, Bahari shared:

“‘Miles To Your Heart” is all about the distance between you and those you love, and miss. It’s the pure emotion of wanting to find a way to close the distance and find our way back, even if it’s just in our hearts.”


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