Super Duper Turns Back Time With 90’s Inspired “Silver Linings” / “Seasons” Release

super duper silver linings / seasons

Super Duper, one of the most exciting electronic artists/producers in the scene, is gearing up to release his next A/B release “Silver Lining” and “Seasons” on March 30th.

This double single release comes after his recent spell of singles “Crying In The Rain” / “My Family My Friends” and is sure to be a hit among fans of electronic music.

Hailing from Nashville, TN, Super Duper’s brand of electronic music is a unique blend of nostalgic emotion and upbeat energy. His new release features two tracks that perfectly showcase his talent for crafting captivating and innovative music.

“Silver Lining” is a 90s-inspired dance song that combines modern production with inspiration from vocalists in the vein of Rhythm of the Night or Good Vibrations. Daniella Mason’s vocals perfectly complement the energetic beat, resulting in a track that is sure to get audiences up and dancing.

On the other hand, “Seasons” is a slower, more chilled-out track that is perfect for those moments when you need to regroup and recover. Super Duper draws inspiration from 90s hip-hop and combines elements from A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul to create a more laid-back side of his project.

Super Duper is a creator plain and simple, bringing his unique and powerful productions to various mediums. He recently received a Clio award for scoring the trailer to Steve McQueen’s new motion picture “Widows,” and has toured and played alongside some of electronic music’s biggest names such as The Chainsmokers, Petit Biscuit, STS9, Kasbo, The Glitch Mob, and Big Wild.

In discussing the making of the tracks, Super Duper had this to say: “Silver Lining is my take on a 90s dance song. I didn’t want to overthink it and made sure to let the vocalist take the lead as much as possible since I loved it so much. Sometimes the production needs to be the hero but my job on this song was to be the support, get out of the way, and make sure you can keep dancing. Seasons is trying to add a different flavor to what you would expect from my music. Still happy and feel good but at a lot slower tempo.”

Super Duper’s upcoming double single release is a must-listen for electronic music fans everywhere. Be sure to mark your calendars for March 30th and get ready to experience the unique and captivating sound of Super Duper.


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