Supermassive Involve 40 Fans From 30 Countries For New Music Video, “Made Of Gold”

supermassive made of gold

What a time to be alive! With the whole world in a standstill, travelling close to impossible and many social distancing measures in place – Supermassive found a way to not only reach out to their fans but also involve them in their latest music video for their new smash single “Made Of Gold” (Big Top Amsterdam).

Supermassive’s vision for the video was to connect people from all over the place to display that music and art, in general, unites us even more in difficult times.

They involved a total of 40 individuals from over 30 countries to help with creating the “Made Of Gold” video.

The composers met in 2013 while studying at Montpellier’s film music school. Simon specializes in hardware machines as well as live controllers while Edgar focuses on the instrumental part and the melodic aspect of composing.

“Made Of Gold” reflects the artists’ state of mind at the time of creation, as they explain :

“It’s a piece that I started composing at night, during a flight home. The following evening, I called Simon for him to come and listen to it, and we ended up finishing the whole track that night.” – Edgar

Supermassive view themselves as a part of the human tribe first and foremost, therefore they feel extremely fortunate to share their emotions and bring joy to countless people through their music. In Supermassive’s world music is a universal language that knows no borders of any kind. Everyone is equal – Good vibes only!


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