SVNF8 Unveils ‘Abyss Constellations’ EP Alongside Gizmo & Mac

svnf8 abyss constellations

Featuring in the industry as an impressive yet elusive and mysterious persona, ‘SVNF8’ is back as the man behind the mask returns on the ‘Abyss Constellations’ EP alongside the German duo Gizmo & Mac with featuring tracks ‘Abyss’ and ‘Eat Ass’.

SVNF8 first hit the scene in 2019, emerging amongst a roster of seriously talented Producers on the Mau5trap label deriving from one of the biggest names in the business – deadmau5. Introducing his frenetic and powerful style to the world through his first release on the imprint called ‘Facing Reality’, SVNF8 has really hit it off with more recent releases like ‘Fall Free’, which has turned heads and caught the attention of Techno lovers from each corner of the world. Now it is time to welcome two of SVNF8’s latest speaker-splitting releases that are bound to rock your world.

Starting off with ‘Abyss’, you can expect to be indulged from the beginning with a palette of dark and mysterious FX that wrap around the soundscape before the introduction of those eerie vocals that are quickly engulfed by the swelling kick drum that booms into action to get the ball rolling.

Progression quickly starts to make way as a powerful culmination of dark and forceful stabs flood the speaker with energy to give it that hypnotizing effect, leaving you totally consumed in the wildness of the music.

With each release, we are beginning to get a feel for SVNF8’s signature sounds that are seeping through the cracks, which breathes an essence of life and character into his music that distinguishes it amongst others.

Next up, SVNF8 hits us with ‘Eat Ass’ which finishes off the EP with a bang considering you are met with a high-energy kick and clap tag team. From the moment you press play, you are surrounded by an undulating driving bass to ensure your senses are tingling from the very first beat and your feet are moving from the get-go.

The introduction of the intricately placed melodies takes a main role in the production and delivers that entrancing vibe as SVNF8 keeps with that dark and foreboding theme many listeners over the world are falling in love with.

After the release of the first break, SVNF8 continues to pull you in as he toys with your senses with a mixture of electrifying robotic elements that linger throughout the rest of the song, giving it that edge and overall infectious vibe that sets him apart from the rest.

SVNF8 is continuing to send ripples throughout the scene with his ever-growing image and sound development mixed in with his talent for music production. With each release, it is evident that the person behind the music whoever they may be is making their way to the top.


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