SWAYLÓ Releases Ethereal 4-Track EP – Reflections

swaylo reflections ep

Inspired by sounds from around the globe, rising electronic musician, artist and visionary, SWAYLÓ, is welcomed to the Gravitas Recordings family with his newest EP, Reflections.

This ethereal four-track EP is an immersive journey through the boundless rhythms of the world, with each track weaving a tapestry of ancient and future values. Throughout Reflections, listeners will transcend beyond music and into an enchanting sonic journey that exists on a plane of enlightenment, free of the inequalities of the world.

“Desert Flower” builds up ominously until a change of key is exposed within a dark, trap soundscape that precedes a deep house conclusion. Suddenly, listeners are swept into an “Ancient Forest” where mother nature administers an invitation to dance yourself free. The primal body is awakened as tribal chants are voiced in “Ocean Flame.” Other worldly elements and organic instrumentation are seamlessly incorporated into the art of storytelling. “Second Nature” closes the EP with a deep house finale that travels beyond the forest with a tantric vocalist who seduces the listener into bliss.

SWAYLÓ’s vision is to transform sound into an adventurous and inviting experience. The official music video for the acclaimed song, “Desert Flower,” exhibits the beauty of art, landscapes, spirit animals, and the gods and goddesses that walk on Earth.


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