Swedish House Mafia X The Weeknd….. Brace Yourselves!

swedish house mafia the weeknd

Swedish trio and global superstars, Swedish House Mafia reignited their musical prowess earlier this year with the smash hits, ‘It Gets Better’ and ‘Lifetime’, both of which form part of the bands upcoming full length album.

The band seems to have taken to a more evolved sound from their past discography, wherein their new music has echoed mixed reactions from fans around the world. That being said, the singles from the album have garnered massive airplay certifying the bands dominance in the dance music scene.

Recently, Swedish House Mafia performed at the 2021 MTV VMAs, where they dropped both released singles from their albums and the ended with a sneak peak to an upcoming collaboration with none other than, The Weeknd.

The band displayed a teaser video of the track, which appears to be untitled currently with ‘to be continued’ displayed on the screen at the end.

Instagram posts from Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd have further confirmed this massive collaboration! We can’t wait for this massive collaboration!


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