Tareq Kicks Off 2020 On A Strong Note With “One”

tareq one

London based Producer and recording artist Tareq starts his year strong with his new single “One” on Royal Advisor Records.

Known for big hits like “Cold”, “Mosquito” or basically anything on his album “Cocoon”, Tareq surely is an artist that put more than just “Good quality music” on the table. Anyone who enjoys his work must know that he experiments quite a lot in the field of Alternative/Indie music which is quite popular in the United Kingdom.

“One” opens up with a delicate yet mind bending dark atmosphere which is created by smooth pads that run throughout the track. The track slowly builds up a sense of warmth by introducing its soft yet statement making kick drums and provides space for its crunchy percussions to lead it to the vocals. The much enticing vocals play a big part in setting the general tone of the record. Written by Tareq, the vocals display unique songwriting and mixing skills of the artist. The record switches up its energy with its more disco-like second climax that is guided by strong basslines. Overall, the track is a great evolving tune that can let you feel a different set of emotions and get you grooving.

This track is also a strong indicator that Tareq, who has started his electronic music career in 2005, is showing no signs of stopping and is rearing to provide more of his signature sounds to his audience.

Mmkrishna Cherla


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