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task horizon disintegrate

Following Task Horizon’s massive new release ‘Disintegrate’ on Evolution Chamber, a label founded through the brute force of their own work, alongside Receptor and Magnetude, we caught up with the quartet about the tracks they’ve had on rotation via Spotify.

From recently released ‘Mantis’ by Magnetude, through to the murky sounds of more old-school tracks like ‘Bubble’, they prove their eclectic tastes across the drum & bass genre.

Magnetude – Mantis [Evolution Chamber]

We are huge fans of Rustam and James’ work and this tune has been in our sets for almost 1.5 years and was the first release on our label Evolution Chamber after the relaunch. This Tune stomps like the beast it is and we couldn’t be more proud of it.

Noisia – Decloak (Armajet Soundtrack)

This track is nothing but pure genius. The deep and dark undertones accompanies with the broken drum breaks takes us back to the roots of DnB. Fantastic piece of art and we like everyone will be cherishing everything they release this year, their final year of Noisia (Still feels surreal saying that)

Mefjus & Phace – Bubble [Vision Recordings]

To say that Phace and Mefjus are a huge inspiration for us would be an understatement. Apparently this tune was quite a challenge for them to finish and they almost dropped it. Lucky for us they didn’t.

Camo & Krooked & Mefjus – Kallisto [Hospital Records]

This tune is exactly what we would expect from these 2 (or is it 3?) incredibly talented producers. Kallisto is such a well rounded track that it can fit any set whether is be Neurofunk, Upfront, or Liquid. We love how the styles collide and how the polarity creates something new and fresh.

Misanthrop – Deus [Neosignal]

We are completely in awe of this new direction Misanthrop has taken. The Sound Design and Engineering on his new LP “Analog” left us speechless. Every track tells a story and you can hear so much careful though and calculation went into every composition.

Joe Ford – Where is the Sun [Shogun Audio]

Joe Ford is such an amazingly talented and gifted producer. We love his Sound design, and his basses. Where is The Sun is such a great contrast of Joes incredible sound design and musicality.

Malux & Prolix (feat. Jakes) – Flip Out [Trendkill Records]

This is such a great collaboration of 2 heavyweights on Prolix’ Trendkill. The insane Malux sound design VS the gritty dancefloor energy Prolix always brings to the table plus the dynamic vocals blessed on this track from Jakes, make this tune a perfect coming together of 3 massively accomplished artists.

Magnetude – Entr’acte [RAM Records]

We know first hand how much hard work and effort went into this track from Rustam & James when they wrote it. The musicality of the treacherous intro into the brutality of the drop, it deserves so much praise for the daring and forward thinking approach this track has. What a piece of music.

Black Sun Empire (Feat. Foreign Beggars) – Dawn of A Dark Day (Receptor Remix) [Blackout Music]

It may be old, but in our eyes it is still gold This is one of the best Drum & Bass remixes in our eyes and has been in almost every set since its release back in 2013. We still hear this in many sets when we are on the road and deservedly so. This tune still inspires us so much, and we are so honoured to now be working closely with Receptor through the Evolution Chamber imprint.

Konflict – The Beckoning [Renegade Hardware]

Going all the way back to where it all began for us. We are so happy to see Kemal and Rob Data return after all of these years and on the news of Kemal’s return, we took some time recently to sit and listen to their whole back catalogue of music and immerse ourselves. Their music was so ahead of its time it’s ridiculous. They are and always will be a huge inspiration for us.

Pre-save “Disintegrate” on Spotify.

Hannah Helbert


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