TATE SEDAR & Marty Barrick Drop Festival Anthem, “Code”

tate sedar code

“Code” by TATE SEDAR & Marty Barrick pairs a pop vocal with a kinetic lead for festivals and stages everywhere. Soft, lucid vocals from Barrick are accompanied by vintage synths, rave stabs, and a metallic lead in the drop. As Barrick compares requited love to ‘granted access’ on a computer or device, TATE SEDAR compliments this technological metaphor with security sound effects from Windows XP and other PC devices.

Last year in May, TATE SEDAR virtually met Barrick through Brain Candy Management (Nashville, TN) after jumping off the EDC Las Vegas stream. Connecting over their affinity for early 2010s EDM, Barrick sent the stems of his 2020 track “Code” to TATE SEDAR for a remix EP. In 2021, TATE SEDAR tweaked and revisited the production: “Marty told me the remix felt like a ‘whole new thing;’ it could’ve been it’s own original.” The new version is now being releaed on Friday, April 30th on all platforms with a short version and extended mix.

Born in San Francisco and raised in the UK, TATE SEDAR was inclined to produce and DJ before his teenage years. He has shared the stage with Wolfgang Gartner, Cash Cash and DallasK. Avalon Hollywood nightclub stated that he “fuses the upbeat qualities of pop with complex melody-driven conventions of popular electronic dance music.” From San Diego, Marty Barrick, a graduate of Icon Collective, has written and produced 100+ tracks in the industry.

Download the single here.


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