Tchami feat. Luke James – World To Me [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Luke James

Miami-based Parisian DJ Tchami has released his new video “World to Me” featuring Luke James via his own label Confession. The track is from his highly anticipated forthcoming EP Revelations.

“World To Me” is a story about a young girl who may have come from a more rural town, like most of the youth, became seduced and infatuated with the relentless modernism of a new city and all that it offered, always forward facing, never looking back. She falls in love in the process and together with her partner, they embody the same philosophy of destructive youth.

But over time, the honeymoon period wears off and the lifestyle takes its toll on the young woman. A tiredness and sickness of the monotony of chasing the vacuous creeps in. Her relationship crumbles as her partner falls for another person within the friendship group. The call of the spirits from her past edge into her life, in the form of chrysanthemum petals – a flower in Chinese that symbolizes purity. Initially denying the call, she believes the spirits to be malicious, covering her walls and her hands in protective words. But as time goes on, it is revealed that they call her back to her origins in order to help her find a peace in the balance of both worlds she inhabits. A harmony only sustained by not foregoing one half for the other – a classic story of yin and yang.

The final scene is both a literal and a metaphorical ending for the young woman, a state of mind and a physical place. Here she manages to find peace.

You can download it here.


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