Teddy Killerz Deliver The ‘Landing Capsule’ EP

teddy killerz landing capsule

Teddy Killerz make a triumphant return on RAM after a plethora of Eps as well as one groundbreaking album on the platform – securing their place within its historic archives.

And for their next output, one that’s been on continual rotation through Andy C’s tour across New Zealand, they unleash more cut-throat antics to the label’s widespread audience. Whilst drawing listeners closer once more with their rowdy, signature noise.

Inspired by deep space title-track ‘Landing Capsule’ stands first, with its steppy, quaking bass pads meanwhile the creepy atmospherics of ‘Stuck Inside’ is a relatable anthem for everyone across the world.

The crazed drum work of ‘Pie’ is next to take the podium, followed by ‘Frightmare’ with cranking LFOs sitting centre stage. With the ‘Landing Capsule’ EP, Teddy Killerz graces the RAM catalogue once again, with a climatic resurgence under its banner, still years on flying the flag for the underground and its darkest corners.


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