Teddy Killerz Delivers A Jolt Of Adrenaline On Four-Track Genre-Blending Dubstep EP ‘No Sleep’

teddy killerz no sleep

Teddy Killerz are back on Bassrush Records with their genre-blending offering, ‘No Sleep.’

The four-track offering marks their third EP with the label and sees the veteran trio fusing their drum and bass signature with dubstep for a heavy-hitting adrenaline rush of bass.

The title track serves as the perfect opener. Moody vocals, pensive piano, and breakbeat drums drift over orchestral strings to create a cinematic sound. Looped vocals and pulse-raising synths inject an immediate intensity that explodes into the brutish drops. Distorted metallic synths, glitchy textures, swinging drum patterns, eerie melodic flourishes, and guttural low-end collide for a villainous set-destroyer that’s primed for mosh pits and festival stages. Drifting between devastating and captivating, “No Sleep” is a dream come true for bass lovers.

The project’s lead single “Drop It Hard” follows suit with a mystifying dystopian allure. Foreboding horn blares raise the stakes with a sound that is simultaneously regal and filthy. The drops serve as the main event, offering brutal bouts of aggression and destruction. Grinding bottom-end, ominous melodic stabs, murderous laser synths, and a fierce metallic edge clash for an all-out sonic war. Shifting gears for the outro, Teddy Killerz creates a hypnotic halftime section that’s scored by futuristic soundscapes and a sense of impending doom.

“B.M.T” is as heavy as it gets. Sci-fi synths set the scene as distant ragga vocals are carefully calibrated to the forefront. The commanding vocals are looped as the trio maximizes the tension before letting the track fully erupt into a brash dubstep annihilator. Three distinct drops flex Teddy Killerz’s sound design virtuosity, evolving and becoming more ruthless with each new twist. This one truly is a “Big Man Ting.”

Drawing the project to a close is “The Protocol.” The track is an unhinged descent into full-on madness. The questioning vocal sets a horrifying undertone that’s multiplied by the brain-bending drops. The first half is a bloodbath of industrial devastation. For the track’s final climax, Teddy Killerz flips the script with mind-melting percussion and an off-kilter insanity. The ominous synths and echoing vocal samples trail off in the outro, providing a sense that this may not be the end after all.

The group reflects on the expanded sound showcased on their EP saying, “We have always been excited about how technical and advanced modern dubstep production is, and how different it is from modern D&B approaches. So, ‘No Sleep’ has been an exploration and journey for us; a kind of nerd-pleasure-experience.”

‘No Sleep’ is a relentless and inventive offering that reminds fans why Teddy Killerz continues to be a pillar of bass music after more than 10 years. The project draws upon their wealth of experience while showcasing a new realm of sonic exploration.

Teddy Killerz are true veterans in the scene with over a decade spent sharpening their craft. Their in-demand sound has led to collaborations alongside artists like Funtcase, Kompany, The Bloody Beetroots, Moody Good, and Dion Timmer, as well as garnering official remixes for electronic music icons Skrillex, The Prodigy, and Noisia. The trio has successfully toured around the globe from Japan to Canada with performances at some of the worldʼs most electrifying festivals, including Electric Forest, EDC Las Vegas, Rampage, Let It Roll, Boomtown, and more! With over a decade in the game, the producers continue to prove their best work still lies ahead.

Teddy Killerz’s new EP ‘No Sleep’ is available on all platforms via Bassrush Records.


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