TEFFLER’s “Come Closer” EP Showcases Independent Artist’s Rising Commercial Success

teffler come closer ep

He’s played for packed venues in the U.S. and U.K. and delivered millions of streams and clicks to platforms like Spotify, YouTube and iTunes.

Now, the stage is set for TEFFLER to take on the charts with his new EP “Come Closer” that dropped last week.

While TEFFLER has steadily grown his fan base over the past few years with a series of infectious club anthems, “Come Closer” will provide the L.A. DJ with the chance to expand his reach to a larger audience.

The EP features a strong yet streamlined selection of TEFFLER’s most quintessential recent material, including:

“Are You Down?” – bold blend horns and vocal hits with a rhythmic bass groove and simple yet catchy melodies to create an irresistible sonic canvas, upon which the track’s vocal melody asks the listener to “say you’re gonna be down.”

“Stay With Me” – TEFFLER’s most recent collaboration with fellow L.A. star-in-the-making Lola Rhodes.

“Stay With Me” is a smooth, sweet, sensual and sensational offering from two of EDM’s rising stars.

“Good Love” – Maya Milan lends her fantastic vocals to this upbeat, uptempo declaration. Fans will love dancing to this feel-good track that just begs to be played as loud as the amps will go.

“Never Let Me Go” – This is the track that started it all for TEFFLER. His collaboration with D.A.N.E. turned into a viral sensation, with fans around the country sending TEFFLER videos of them dancing to what would become his first signature track. “Never Let Me Go” was featured on the highly-coveted Spotify Editorial Playlist “The Pop List” – and was the only song from an indie artist on the major-label-backed playlist.

“’ Come Closer’ has been something I’ve been building up to for a long time, and it’s really exciting to be able to offer it to fans around the world,” says TEFFLER. “I’m very much looking forward to seeing the reaction from fans and to getting out there on stage to enjoy their reaction live.”

In addition to the release of his new EP, TEFFLER also recently became the global brand ambassador for DJ gear company Hercules. A leader in the DJ product market, Hercules will feature TEFFLER in several videos and ad campaigns promoting their new line of DJ products across North America, Europe, and Asia.



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