Ten Walls Returns With Second Full-Length Album, “Lights For The Dreams”

ten walls lights for the dreams

Ten Walls delivers his second full-length album “Lights For The Dreams” on his own Runemark Records pressed into vinyl on July 24th.

A Lithuanian electronic music composer and live performer Marijus Adomaitis world-wide known as Ten Walls has always been delivering a highly sophisticated sound and this time is none other. Even better – the variety of soundscapes throughout the album brings emotions of fulfilment and leaves one somewhere out of this reality. It is definitely the highest point of creativity where every single detail matters as well as the whole picture, from out-mastered usage of today’s technologies to the artful and conceptual point of view. While using less, the author manages to reach most of it and in his own way.

“Lights For The Dreams” was mostly inspired by a video game “Moonray” that Marijus was creating a soundtrack for. “The music in this album represents a very creative period of my life where I just couldn’t stop recording new music. One of the big inspirations was a video game called “Moonray” that used part of this album in its soundtrack. It’s a very exciting period of my life.” – says Ten Walls. The album contains nine compositions while the soundtrack for the video game contains 30 original pieces with 10 minutes introductions for each one. “Moonray” is a surreal 3rd-person action RPG set in a fantastical sci-fi world. The early release of the video game is going out in the mid of summer 2020.

The full-length album is divided into two parts and pressed into vinyl. Though it is mixed into a continuous play, the vinyl has fine marks at the start of every composition so that one could drop the needle exactly at the start of any track.

Ten Walls album “Lights For The Dreams” in vinyl format is already open for pre-orders here.


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